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JR Hardin - Kudzu Book1
Kudzu Monsters
Book 1
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The Kudzu Monsters

The Kudzu Monsters - Book 1   Kudzu - 1

    In the early 1900's a vine called kudzu was planted along the highways in the Southeastern States of America.  The kudzu grew very quickly and spread into the forest.  Millions of acres were covered in kudzu vines.  From these fields of vines the first kudzu monsters emerged and began to roam the forests.
    This story is about a young kudzu monster named Kalvin.  He lives in the forest of North Georgia with his parents and baby sister, who causes him much trouble. Kalvin faces danger many times, but his greatest challenge comes when wicked men move into the forest. Their illegal activities could harm many innocent people and destroy the kudzu monsters.
    Alone with his one-year-old sister, Kalvin must save his parents and stop these gangsters before they can carry out their sinister plans!