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JR Hardin - Kudzu Book3
Kudzu Monsters
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1st Trilogy

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The Kudzu Monsters Versus the Creeper Horde

The Kudzu Monsters vs the Creeper Horde - Book 3   Kudzu - 3

    Kalvin, a teenage kudzu monster, his family and friends are preparing for a big battle with the creeper horde in the spring.
    The creepers are evil spider-like creatures that migrate north over a three-year period every thirty or forty years.  Last year was the second year of their current migration and the monsters fought and defeated thirty of the creepers.
    In the spring the creeper queen, her drones and her army will be coming.  In the last seventy years the queen has invaded North Georgia twice with an an army of two hundred creepers or more.  Both times the creepers were driven back to the swamps of Florida but the kudzu monsters had failed to kill the queen.
    This time the monsters are determined to kill the queen and end the migration.  The monsters are armed and ready to fight but the queen has her largest army guarding her and she plans to set a trap that will destroy the kudzu monsters!