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JR Hardin - Kudzu Trilogy
Kudzu Monsters
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
1st Trilogy

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The Kudzu Monster Trilogy

The First Kudzu Trilogy   Kudzu - Trilogy

    The first kudzu monster trilogy contains books one through three and has been revised as well as sketches added throughout the book portraying various action scenes.

Kalvin the Kudzu Monster lives in the forests of north Georgia where he and his friends work together to protect the forest and the woodland creatures.  In this three-book saga, Kalvin and his friends and family experience exciting adventures as they keep the forest safe.

In Book One, they battle natural disasters and sinister gangsters.  Book Two finds Kalvin thrown into grave danger when he discovers that a dam is about to break and wash away a community.  Menacing creepers and an evil creeper queen challenge Kalvin and the other kudzu monsters in Book Three, as they try to rid their forest of these evil creatures they have battled twice before.  This time, they are determined to kill the queen and stop the invasions.  But can they do it before it's too late?